STAR is committed to helping producers access a comprehensive package of resources to enable successful and durable conservation implementation. The STAR Conservation Innovation Plan generated for each field includes educational, technical, and financial resources tailored for the producer’s region, production system, conservation interests and preferences. STAR Producer rewards include field signs, mechanisms for sharing participation and progress with landowners and lenders, reward payment programs, opportunities for participation in external incentive or other resource programs such as equipment access or in-field testing, and potential opportunities for product branding. STAR’s goal is to effectively engage with the producer audience to coordinate and streamline program offerings, facilitate access to stacked and blended financial resources, and fast track producer connections to and enrollment in programs.

Siemer Producer Reward Payment Program

Siemer Milling Company is committed to connecting growers with opportunities to help preserve their land and legacy. Siemer is working with STAR to identify eligible fields and compensate growers in Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky who are implementing conservation practices that result in an improved STAR Rating or an outstanding (5-STAR) Rating.

Program Eligibility

Siemer customers’ corn, soybean and wheat fields are eligible to participate. STAR provides each field a confidential rating of 1 to 5 STARs. Growers receive a payment for:

  1. Achieving and maintaining a 5-STAR Rating (the highest rating), OR
  2. Demonstrating improvement in their initial STAR rating over a two-year period.

HOW it works

To be eligible, a grower has to both submit a Grower Agreement with Siemer Milling Company AND enroll fields with STAR.

Enroll in STAR

Interested producers can enroll using either the STAR Webtool or the STAR field form found below.

Complete Siemer Grower agreement

Interested producers can contact your Siemer representative for the contact form by phone or through the Siemer contact form:

Illinois: Brian Semple or Jane Thoele
Phone: 217-857-3131

Kentucky: Jonathan Poston
Phone: 270-475-2316

Indiana: Dawn Schuman
Phone: 812-637-4123