Illuminating the pathway to sustained conservation

Empowering farmers and ranchers to choose conservation as the standard on all agricultural lands to ensure a legacy of clean, abundant water and healthy soils for future generations


STAR is a national, non-profit organization established to develop and expand the STAR framework for conservation practice evaluation, implementation, and valuation.

The STAR framework inspires, guides, and standardizes conservation practice adoption and implementation across a variety of agricultural production systems at scale through state level STAR Affiliates.

Designed and led by producers, the STAR tool utilizes science and experience to target local solutions for local natural resource concerns, and to support farmers and ranchers on their conservation journey – wherever they are.

By creating a standardized approach for evaluating conservation progress across regions and production systems, STAR bridges the gap between producers’ perceptions of sustainability and outcomes-based supply chain sustainability programs.


The goal of STAR is to facilitate successful and sustained conservation practice adoption and implementation by farmers and ranchers at scale by providing STAR Affiliates with a comprehensive toolkit and tailored guidance to empower producer success and to connect them to incentive programs.

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